Oh Hello!

      So who are we as Daniel and Steph? With a thirst for adventure and a penchant for new experiences, we’re artists, first and foremost, and are in love with this blessed life. We were trained professionally in both commercial and portrait techniques and styles at the prestigious Hallmark Institution of Photography, where we also met and fell in love.

      We enjoy exploring new cities and the quest for the best restaurants everywhere we go. We enjoy working on house projects, tending to our chickens, going on impromptu dates (we really just see each other all day..) and overall living life together with our two dogs/fuzz puddles, Abita and Pabst.

      Love is a Wild Ride.

      Speaking of love, we like to think that we know a little bit about love. And we like to think that part of this is why we are able to capture the moments that we do.

      In the old historic town of Deerfield, Massachusetts, on a school photography assignment was when we first connected. I think we can both agree that there was a feeling there, a feeling of destiny and surety. We both knew we had unexpectedly stumbled onto something beautiful, but we just didn’t know where it would take us. And honestly, the rest of it, from that moment on, was history.

      This romance took us across the seas, across cultures and across time zones. To say it has been an insane, crazy and wonderful journey is a complete understatement!

      (Psst…If you’d like to read the long version of this romance – click here!)