What do we really want
      in a photograph of ourselves?

      Truly, we want authenticity.
      We want romance.

      We want the best version of ourselves, forever captured. We want to look at a photograph, for that photograph to strike a chord, because we know what’s in that image is real. Art is exactly that, it stirs emotion in our hearts and as we move through life trying to hold on to feelings and moments, the beauty of having the right camera and clicking the shutter at the right time, is that you can actually make that moment a masterpiece of your life. Real emotion. Real love. Real Moments. That’s what we call art.

      And as the husband and wife photography team that is Starling and Sage, we seek to capture, with our unique vision, the moments of your creative souls in love – stylish, radiant originals that love nature and the outdoors, art and design and coffee and wine and good food.

      As artists, we use multiple and all mediums to document your moments, with both film and digital cameras at the ready, because not all mediums are equal and there is beauty in both.

      No matter what, with every curated click of our shutter, we promise to show you the moments of wonder all around you.