Editorial and Fine Art Photographer

Capturing Memories

June 17, 2018 - A pivotal day in Steph's career as a photographer. Her first child was born.

On that very day, her whole world changed and so did her ability to connect with the families she was photographing.

As a mother of two now (Hey Sienna & Ronan!), documenting the beauty and joy of family is now one of her favorite things to do as a photographer. She puts her 11 years of experience as an expert in her field to wonderful use, capturing fleeting moments in time as the pitter patter of feet run by.

"Parenthood, to me, is the ultimate lesson in patience, resourcefulness and love. A beautiful life lesson that only made me a more empathetic, observant artist. Though parenthood is hard, the journey forges generations and so, deserves to be captured. Let's revel in the joys of giggles and cries together."


The Smiths

Any Mom knows the stress of family photography, wild toddlers & unpredictable babies, coordinating outfits. Steph has photographed us through every season and always captures the most beautiful candid moments. She’s calm & patient which makes the experience pleasant and relaxing. - Jessica